Michelle Aubrey

I have a been a high performer and successful at most things I do, but never for long. I would be reliable to get any job I interviewed for, and succeed in that role for approx 6-12 months, after some time, one of a few different things would happen. My success would go unnoticed and would then be expected, I would get board from being easily successful and question my purpose for working a job I wasn't being acknowledged for being good at.

As a natural born Leader I was able to lead with most teams, groups of people, friends and colleagues. I was great at handling everything on my own, and more often that not, I would be excellent at delegating tasks and controlling a situation so that there was unity and success.


The cost of this, however, was that I never got to create authentic connection and partnership, two things I desperately wanted. I created the facade that I had everything handled, I never needed anything, from anyone and the result was I had trained the people closest to me that I didn't need them to be a leader with me, to reach out and check in on me, I never let them see my wounds or pain and as a high performing Leader I felt alone, regardless of how many people I was surrounded by.

I was missing out on Love, Joy and Purpose and the world was missing out on my leadership.

I was constantly trying to prove to people that I belonged, because the truth was I felt like there was something innately wrong with me, as if God has made some kind of mistake in the creation laboratory but felt sorry for me so he let me go and play with the other normal humans.

I never considered myself to be a powerful Leader until I started working with my own coach.
The day I was asked the question "over your dead body...what?" and I told my coach "that no person should live a life without revealing their super power and using it to better this planet". That was when I knew I was an influential Leader, here to spread my message about bridging the gap between Leadership and Humanity.

What people say. . .

Michelle has the amazing ability to coach me out of my often chaotic thoughts and bring me into focus. She truly gets me and always helps me see a better way of being. Even on the days when the last thing I want to do is work on myself, as soon as I hear her voice I am present and committed. This is one of the best investments I have made in my growth and well being. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone ready to become their best selves and get out of their own way. She’s incredible and I love her dearly.
— K.H - Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Working with Michelle was transformative.
She coupled her coaching skills and intuition to support my personal growth in such a beautiful way. I felt equally supported and challenged just enough so that I was fully empowered in making decisions. The revelations and insights were so valuable and truly started me on my path to thriving in the life I want to create.
Dr. K.B - ND

Michelle is an amazing powerhouse of a coach! She is a beautiful balance of compassionate, open curiosity and kick-ass accountability…just exactly what I needed.
When I started working with Michelle, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I had all of these grand ideas but no clue how I was going to accomplish them and living in sinking fear that this is all my life would be.
She helped me get clear on exactly what I wanted in my life and then take the steps needed to go for it! More importantly, she helped me get out of my own way so I could become a better version of myself. My life is entirely different today because of this fantastic woman. I am calm, confident and working towards goals and dreams that I never believed could be possible.
Thank you so much Michelle for being the incredible influence you are! I am and will be forever grateful!!
— K.M - Coach

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Michelle.Not only is she a very kind and loving person but she is super smart and holds you accountable for your life. This, in my opinion, is the biggest benefit to life coaching – that you are responsible for your life and only you can change it.

- J.K

In my experience in working with Michelle I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge of myself in many areas of my life. She has assisted me in becoming clear on some very important life goals I have and has empowered me to take action where needed. In working with her Ive overcome many of my fears and anxieties. I cannot say enough about how important life coaching is for all people both personally and professionally.
— J.K - Mortgage Broker
Michelle is a phenomenal coach. If you are thinking about breaking with her, do it. You will be thrilled with the outcome.
Michelle challenges me to be my best self. She encourages me to think big, and to dismantle the limitations that other people have put on me—then demands that I explore the limitations that I have put on my own self. Michelle always comes from a place of compassion, and remind me to do the same.
In the course of our coaching, Michelle frequently challenged my assumptions, guiding me in exploring and unpacking them. By teaching me how to face my fears—to confront them in a head-on way—she promoted greater authenticity on my part, and inspired me to live with greater courage.
Michelle is an effective guide in navigating and short-circuiting the web of self-sabotaging behaviors that holds me back. I cherish the work we do together.
— A.DG - Writer, Designer, Story teller
I would love to recommend Michelle to anyone that wants to live the life they dream. Michelle is kind, loving, full of energy and one of my favourite things is she calls me out on the BS I tell myself, so I can truly get to where I want to go. I truly believe you will have a life changing experience by working with her.
— P.DM - Osteopath & Entrepreneur
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