Sculpting Excellence in Leadership for Life, Business and Relationship through connection, conversation and partnership.

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I work with clients one-on-one, people like you who all have one thing in common; right now, what you truly want is seemingly impossible to have or obtain on your own. Something is off or missing.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur and you’re someone who feels like you’re fighting the invisible, you have achieved almost everything you want but there feels like there is something missing or more that you want, then this could be the place for you.



I work with a group of phenomenal change makers in a group setting to Launch their Legacy! Do you want support to create the thing you truly desire?

If you are someone who wants to transition from a day job or make your side hustle your full time, financially abundant career then this is the space for you. If you are looking for a like-minded community of kick-ass world changers that want to create the biggest impact with their money and their legacy, connect with me and we will see if you are fit for this work.

Corporate & Business

Corporate Reinvention is a multi faceted Business Development Company that works with 6-7 figure businesses. We bring together the finest Coaches, Consultants and Thought Leaders in the world to create Extraordinary Leadership from a place of BEing, rather than DOing. This type of Leadership where we bridge the gap between Leadership and Humanity aligns teams with the Mission, Vision and Values of the company, which creates elite cohesion, collaboration and partnership in their organization, making them the '“number one-go to” in their industry.  


If you want something you’ve never had
You must be willing to do something you’ve never done
— Thomas Jefferson

What is coaching?


Coaching is a bit of a buzz word these days, most people you meet are some kind of coach. How cool is that? There is almost nothing you can't get supported with; sex, sports, speaking, relationships, creative arts, you get the idea. 

Ontology - a fancy word for the study of "Being". Ontological Coaching focuses on the Way a person is Being as the avenue to deep and sustainable behavioural transformation.

Coaching is; ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is not Therapy and it isn't Consulting. 

From partnership and the deep inner work a coaching partnership creates, you will start the practice of operating from the most powerful place - who you truly are and the choices you really want to make. Guaranteed, from this place, powerful commitment and partnership you will create unprecedented results and extraordinary relationships in your life. 


Legacy Launch Pad


Your mindset is killing your business, revenue and relationships everywhere in your life.

The tough part is you probably don’t even notice it.

You ask yourself questions like, what else could I be doing to be successful? Why can’t I make that next income level, and sometimes you feel really alone, even though you may be surrounded by people.

The process of the Beyond Business Breakthrough Model is the ultimate initiation of transformation within people, taking them from where they are currently, and move them toward the goal and intended result, internally and externally.

Individual Coaching

one on one

As a high performing business owner and entrepreneur you may be experiencing one of the biggest transitions of your life, you may be facing divorce, retirement, a long term career change, or perhaps you have lost someone extremely significant to you. This experience calls into question your entire identity, you may be experiencing a thought process of who you are, what your purpose is and what your morals might be "I don't even know who I am or what I'm doing here" could be a question that circles your mind. 

Perhaps you're looking at up-levelling your business. You have already achieved a high level of success and you feel as though you've reached a ceiling, that doesn't seem to be moving and you can't see what's in your way from getting where you want to go. 

Deep down you feel like you have a passion or purpose to bring to the world and are wanting to create not only an income, but fulfilment and an impact that truly leaves a legacy. There may be fears and uncertainties about how you could create a life and profitable business from your passion or purpose and this is something you feel you can not do alone. 

Corporate & Business Coaching

Corporate reinvention 

Michelle Aubrey brings together the worlds finest coaches, consultants and thought leaders in the world to package together a bespoke project for your business to create extraordinary leadership from a place of BEing, rather that DOing. 
From a transformation in Leadership and a forever evolving lens, you and your team of executives, sales, logistics, operations and administration will create the highest level of communication, team work, understanding and performance, that will unequivocally lead and ernol all staff in the vision, mission and values of the company, to achieve the impossible.

There are two main focus's in Corporate Reinvention, what we are clear about is, whatever you got you to where you are, won't get you to where you want to go. 
The first focus in Corporate Reinvention is to get clear on current and automatic patterns of the way the teams and individuals are being. How it is impacting the results and experience for everyone involved.

The second focus is in the transformation of the people, and taking them from where they are currently and move them toward the goal and intended result, experientially and tangibly.